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Spontaneous Rumba #2

In this second part, the fiesta became hotter and hotter.
Behind the drummers, with black cap and striped t-shirt: Juan de Dios "El Colo".
Piri comes to quinto after the guy in red.
The estribillo is on, dance is warming up.
The first estribillo tells:
"De la Corea los Chinos, de la Corea".
Second one is a yoruba song for Agayú, and tells:
Tele tele mo ba nla".
Third one is hommage to Chinitos, introduced by lead singer this way:
"Bertico y Irián, Pedrito y Ernesto (bis)
Ellos son grandes rumberos
Y por siempre viviran (bis)
Guarapachangueo pa' gozar - yo no quiero mas
Last refrain is thrown out by Juan de Dios and says: "Vamos, con permiso, vamos".