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Glossary of used terms in this site

(Photo Credits: Daniel Chatelain)

Bata Drums:
Main instruments in rituals of Yoruba slaves in Cuba, coming from Nigeria. These drums, with songs, allow posession transe in initiated people's body, by gods ("Orichas" or "Santos") of afro-cuban religion named "Santería".

Wooden drums palyed in rituals named "Cajones al Muerto" or spiritist ceremonies, allowing posession of initiates by spirits of the dead. This religion mixes catholic, congo and yoruba cults.

(Photo credit: Official demo from Rumberos de Cuba)
Non-ritual popular music in which cajones are also used as original instruments, afterwards came congas.

Rumba style created in late 1970's by the López family, which then influenced rumba in all Cuba during the following decade. This name is also used for a cajón "with partitions" created by the López brothers too.