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Antoine Miniconi C.V.

Aged 25 years, this drummer from Avignon, southern France has begun his fifth year studying folkloric percussion in Havana. He is "assessor" and responsible for Manley "Piri" López in France.

Born January the 9th 1982 in Carpentras, Antoine began music in the street. After one year in a small music school, he began studying afro-cuban percusiion in year 2000. In 2002 he makes his first trip to Havana, and becomes a student at CNSEA, international music school, learning both popular and folkloric music.
He very early focusses on bata drums, being a student of Alejandro Carvajal Jr. as soon as he enters the school. The more he stays in Cuba, the more he gets deep in afro-cuban world, the more he changes his vision of cuban music, getting more and more in touch with oral teaching methods.
He concentrates his studying on bata drums, mastering okónkolo and itótele (2nd and 3rd drums), beginning to play in rituals.

In the present day he is mayorcero-apprentice (iyá player) in the "tambor" Aña Oba Tola belonging to the López brothers, well-known as "Chinitos de la Corea". He is Manley "Piri" López Herrera's student, youngest professionnal musician in the family.
Antoine takas part to many popular and ritual music events.

The different teachers he had since he first came to Cuba:
- Raúl "Lalí" González Brito (ex-member of Conjunto de Clave y Guaguancó, oldest rumba group in Cuba).
- "Palillo", ex-member of Pedro Izquierdo's group, well-known as "Pello el Afrokán".
- "Dahomey", teacher in Escuela Nacional de Arte in Havana.
- Nawito, official dance accompanist in Escuela Nacional de Arte in Havana.
- Yoendris, grandson of Gregorio "El Goyo" Hernández.
- Alejandro Carvajal Jr, teacher in CNSEA, accompanist in ENA, member of the "tambor de Papo Angarica", and artist in famous cabaret "Tropicana".
- "Freddy", tumbador in famous rumba group "Grupo Yoruba Andabó", member of the "tambor de Papo Angarica".
- Manley "Piri" López, member of the Chinitos family and of the "Raices Profundas" dance company, whose director is Juan de Dios "El Colo".